Release Notes - 2022.5.24
Searchie 2.0
Searchie 2.0
  • Improved bulk actions in the Library to prepare the platform better for future enhancements to this feature
  • Updated the Hub settings sidebar by organizing the options into subcategories
  • Updated the label for changing images to eliminate confusion when working with a thumbnail vs. an image
  • Fixed an issue where the dropdown on certain app accounts was not clickable and prevented the account from being removed from the app connection
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new folder would not show it in the list
  • Fixed an issue where segment conditions would not display properly after saving
  • Fixed an issue where search terms would not reset properly after leaving a page
  • Fixed an issue where media chapters would not work properly in Firefox browsers
To go along with these spotlighted updates, a large number of minor improvements and bug fixes were included in this release across the Platform, Hubs & Extension.