Users should be able to access attachments, chapters, transcripts, etc. when viewing a video inserted in a hub section.
Currently, when videos are added/embedded in a hub section, users can only play the video – they cannot access attachments, navigate chapters, or search transcripts through the video player. (This is the case both when videos are added in columns sections and when the "player" thumbnail option is used in a featured section.)
This either creates accessibility issues (since users can't interact with the embedded video other than to play it) OR creates more work for the admin, who must now create additional buttons for attachments and/or navigational links to open the full video file and all of its components (which could also potentially result in an unintuitive experience for their users).
We need a way to make these features accessible, even when the video is embedded in the hub. We either need to (A) bring these attachments/features into the embedded video player itself, or (B) include a link within the video player that will open the full video (much like embedded YouTube videos have an "open/watch in YouTube" button).