2024.1 (January 11, 2024)

New Features and Enhancements
Hub Content Added Webhook Event
We're super excited about this one! Now, every time you add new content to your Hub, our "Hub Content Added" webhook event kicks in. It's all about making your life easier by helping you set up automatic notifications, keep your audience in the loop, and even link up with other tools you use. And guess what? This is just the start towards building an even more powerful Hub Notification system.
Improved Hub Search Experience on Mobile
Searching in Hubs on your phone just got a whole lot better. We've tweaked things so that it's easier than ever for your audience to find what they need when they're on the go.
Bug Fixes
YouTube Integration
  • Files deleted in YouTube folders won't show up in "Recent Media" anymore.
  • We cleared out those annoying empty files that were popping up in YouTube folders.
  • When you rename files imported from YouTube, they'll actually keep their new names now.
User Interface and Performance
  • Fixed a sneaky bug where some activity data wasn't showing up.
  • Custom URL slugs on Hub pages will now reset to a default hash when you remove them.
  • We've added the missing article link to the file uploader view.
  • The Hub menu items have been sorted out and now work on all Hub pages, not just the homepage or custom pages.
  • The Searchie Wisdom Plugin should now scroll smoothly when embedded in iFrames.