Release Notes - 2022.4.29
Searchie 2.0
  • Playlists in the Hub Content tab can now be exported to your Library
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  • This process effectively creates a new copy of the Hub Playlist in your Library and any changes made to one of the copies will not affect the other
  • Elements inside of Hub columns can now be vertically aligned through the appearance options
  • Updated the account settings sidebar to improve the organization of menu options in that view
  • Added the "Thumbnail" background option to relevant section types in the Hub editor
  • Updated the UI of the Add Content slide-in window
  • Made some needed tweaks and improvements to section placeholders with the addition of animation options
  • Added a Stripe Tax toggle to the Payment & Registration settings in Hubs (Guide)
  • Fixed a couple of alignment issues with icons and text in some of the newer features in the platform
  • Fixed a logo upload issue occurring in the Hub header
  • Fixed an edge case with the styling of extra long widget names
  • Removed the audio download option from files without audio tracks
  • Fixed the tooltip copy on Google Drive uploads in the Library
  • Made it so hitting "Enter" in paragraph elements starts a new line of text
  • Fixed an issue with adding Vimeo connection tokens to the platform
  • Fixed a couple of issues involving new empty state designs
  • Fixed the difference between text in descriptions and paragraph elements in Hubs- they look the same now
  • Fixed a rare saving issue that would occur if trying to use the dropdown at the top of the Hub editor to switch pages
  • Fixed an issue when uploading a new profile picture in your account
To go along with these spotlighted updates, a large number of minor improvements and bug fixes were included in this release across the Platform, Hubs & Extension.