Searchie 2.0

Searchie 2.0
  • Users can now update the page background of their Hub to set a site-wide default background color that will also apply to header and footer section backgrounds
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  • Added a cute little checkmark when you copy the URL for a Hub on a few different views to make sure users know when that link is ready for sharing
  • Updated the messaging on the switch to 2.0 to indicate the new platform is now in early access and out of it's Beta phase
  • Added back the ability to blur background images on Hub sections
  • Fixed an issue with email validation in audience filtering
  • Fixed a couple of layering issues with the inline editor highlighted blue box
  • Added audience visibility settings back to Hub menu items
  • Fixed a loading issue when editing a playlist through the inline Hub editor
To go along with these spotlighted updates, a large number of minor improvements and bug fixes were included in this release across the Platform, Hubs & Extension.