Release Notes 2023.01.31

  • We added an Email Notification setting for achievements you can toggle on or off by clicking the settings gear icon seen below
Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 4
  • You can customize the template for this achievement notification email in your Hub email settings
  • Your audience can choose to not receive these emails in the Preferences menu of their account settings
image (36)
  • Anyone who receives a milestone achievement inside of a Hub for watching content will be also be shown a pop-up in the Hub congratulating them
image (35)
  • We introduced the ability to add a custom host to your Hub emails so that you can send them from your domain
image (37)
image (38)
image (39)
  • We simplified the achievement creation process by introducing a step-by-step flow
  • We updated the achievement editing view as well to make important information more visible and to include some warnings when changing achievement criteria
  • We added validation on achievements to ensure the criteria field is not left empty
  • Fixed a caching issue in the editor that would prevent some files from loading
  • Fixed an issue where going through the "Reset Password" process for a brand new audience profile would skip the custom onboarding steps
  • Fixed an issue where playlists used in the criteria of an achievement would display some funky code-looking text
To go along with these spotlighted updates, a large number of minor improvements and bug fixes were included in this release across the entire platform.