September Town Hall Release
Custom Attributes
  • Pro users can now create and manage Custom Attributes from a new area of the account settings, the Data Tab
Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 4
This new type of data is going to be crucial to unlocking the full potential of your Searchie account. You'll use attributes to segment your audience more effectively, to provide a better experience with the Audience Directory, and to give new users an amazing first impression when they go through your Hub Onboarding sequence. Jump to the "Hubs" section of this post to learn more about these features.
Hub Templates
  • We've added 14 new Standard Hub templates, ranging from dog training memberships to personal pages for doctors
image (23)
  • Filter templates using the sidebar on the left to find the perfect Hub template for your business
  • You can now choose to force the highest quality video to load first for your audience when they view your content
image (6)
  • This may increase buffer times for some of your audience, but it will ensure that the highest quality version of the video plays first when it finishes loading
Attribute Tab
  • We've added a new tab to the Hub Editor for Pro users that helps manage your audience attributes
image (7)
  • Only the attributes added to this tab will be visible to audience members of the Hub
  • You can create attributes directly from here or add any you've already created in your Data Tab
image (8)
  • There are a variety of settings for each attribute you add to the Hub, allowing you to fully customize how the audience of that Hub interacts with it
image (9)
Custom Onboarding
  • Pro users are now able to provide the perfect first impression to their audience when they first log in to a Hub with a custom onboarding experience
image (10)
  • Customize the Right Section of the Onboarding page by adding additional steps for your audience to complete when they first access the Hub
image (11)
  • Add attributes with input elements in Steps to start collecting information about your audience in the onboarding sequence
image (12)
image (13)
  • The data collected here can be used to segment your audience as well as to enhance the Directory experience with filters- but more on that later
  • You can also add custom text and video elements to onboarding steps to make sure any important information about your Hub is communicated ASAP to new members
  • If your audience has already been through the onboarding, they can fill out their information by going to their account settings and entering the corresponding information
image (14)
Audience Directory
  • We've introduced a new Hub page for Pro users that can be turned on in your Hub Settings
image (15)
  • In the Directory, your audience will be able to find others in your Hub by searching their name or by filtering the list using attributes
image (17)
  • Your audience can hide their profile from the Directory in their account settings if they don't wish to be discovered by others in your audience
image (18)
Segmenting with Attributes
  • Using attributes, Pro users can now segment their audience into even more specific groups
image (19)
  • These segments can be used the same way they always have, allowing you to customize the content experience for your audience in Hubs with information they may have entered in their onboarding sequence or elsewhere
Segmenting with Hub Activity
  • Along with the ability to segment based on information the audience has explicitly provided, Pro users can also segment their audience based on their viewing habits
image (20)
image (21)
image (22)
  • In the example above, the filter will include everyone who has access to the Rise Up Hub that has completed the Course Content playlist
  • These features allow you to start providing experiences to your audience based on who has watched (or hasn't watched) certain content in your Hub
To go along with these spotlighted updates, a large number of minor improvements and bug fixes were included in this release across the entire platform.